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New Construction Home Inspections
(with Code Compliance)

New Home Construction ~ Mid-Build Walkthrough

Once approval from the homebuilder is attained, El Paso’s ACE Inspectors offers a “Mid-Build”
Walkthrough checked against the 2015 ICC, 2014 NEC El Paso City/County Codes and
“Best Practices” used in the area.

Mid-Build Walkthrough Video

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Inspecting El Paso Since 2005
The “Mid-Build” Walkthrough must occur at this time:

After installation of:
1. Foundation
2. Framed walls
3. Roof decked including vent covers
4. Wall sheathed with vapor barrier & stucco mesh (no stucco)
5. All “Electrical” roughed in (no fixtures installed)
6. All “Plumbing” roughed in (no fixtures installed)

Before installation of:
1. Roof Covering
2. Ceiling or Wall Insulation
3. Dry-Wall
4. Stucco
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The best inspectors in El Paso, highly skilled and trained, very professional and educated, willing to walk with you and teach you throughout your inspection. Mr Benson does your inspection with safety in mind without room for error. Mr Benson enforces codes so builders change the way of new construction. Thank you for your service.
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Date published: 01/24/2017
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