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Weekly Construction Reports

New Home Construction Are you documenting your El Paso construction site weekly with time-stamped picture descriptions of key steps, features and building processes? Now you can with the ACE INSPECTORS Weekly Construction Report.

The Construction Report is a weekly compiled time-stamped pictorial achieve of the building processes and key features developing at the client's construction site. The client can use the Construction Report for internal project meetings or it can be used to communicate found issues with the construction site participants.
Get an ACE INSPECTORS Construction Report compiled and emailed to you weekly and get your El Paso construction site effortlessly documented.
Weekly Construction Report A Weekly Construction Report
Quick & easy One Pager (12 pics) or Two Pager (24 pics)
Can be Focused or General in scope
Report pictures contain arrows for additional clarification
Full size raw picture (3552 x 2000) attainable with a click
Compiled Weekly and email delivered every Monday
Valuable tool for Project Managers or New Home Owners
Each Weekly Report is $75 (one pg.)
or $125 (two pg.)
(billed monthly)

up to the completion of the build
Sample of a Weekly Construction Report
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