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Construction Draw Inspections
New Home Construction Construction Draw Inspections are required by Lending Institutions to determine the amount of work completed at a construction site so that the Barrower (a Construction Company or Home Builder) can draw on their loan.

The ACE Inspectors Construction Draw Inspection Report is a one page report that is thorough and simple to read. The report lists thirty five construction tasks and associated percentages.
ACE Inspectors visits the construction site (within the El Paso Texas metropolitan area) and fills in the percentages of the completed construction tasks. An overall picture capturing the completed state of the construction site is taken and is included in the Construction Draw Inspection Report (see the sample below). ACE Inspectors will email the completed Construction Draw Inspection Report the same day as the inspection. Lending Institutions, engage ACE Inspectors for your Construction Draw Inspections in the El Paso Texas metropolitan area.
Construction Draw Inspection Report - Sample
Sample of a Construction Draw Inspection Report
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