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Existing Home Inspections

Existing homes (older houses) are typically inspected for the buyer in accordance with the current Texas Real Estate Commission’s (TREC) “Standards of Practice” requiring professional inspectors to determine specific hazardous conditions as deficient no matter what the age of the house.
Many of these conditions likely did not violate the common practices or the codes during the time when the house was built.  Although the TREC “Standards of Practice” does not require professional inspectors to perform a code compliance inspection per current codes, it is expected that the house be inspected per the noncompliant hazardous conditions (deficiencies) stated within TREC “Standards of Practice”.
Per the TREC contract forms used in a real estate transaction, the buyer has the right to have the home inspected and can have an option clause added to the contract allowing the buyer to back out of the purchase dependent on the professional inspector’s findings if executed within a specific time.  Further, TREC does not require the seller to fix the deficiencies, but leaves it as a decision between the buyer and seller determined within their contract.  Do note however, that if the buyer purchases the house with the hazards and deficiencies, this buyer will have to resolve the deficiencies or encounter the same challenges having the deficiencies the next time the buyer (now seller) sells the home.  In other words, someone will eventually incur the cost and the task of upgrading the deficiencies bringing the house into compliance.
Per the TREC document, OP-I, the macro level list of deficiencies required to be compliant are as follows: compliant GFCI receptacles; compliant AFCI breakers; compliant safety glass; compliant smoke detectors; compliant security bars; compliant fire rated garage door; compliant bedroom emergency egress; compliant balusters on stairways, porches and balconies; properly installed appliances; properly installed safety devices (i.e. dyer vents and backflow preventers); compliant electrical bonding and grounding.
To provide a truly Premium Existing Home Inspection, Ace Inspectors follows the six “Standards of Practice” 535.227 - 535.233 with due diligence accompanied with pictures, graphics and a verbal tutorial.
Soot Covered Furnace Flue Clogged Dryer Vent Cover Burned Out Receptacle Cracked Brick Veneer
Soot Covered Furnace Flue Clogged Dryer Vent Cover Burned Out Receptacle Cracked Brick Veneer
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