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Houses being built today adhere to the 2009 International Residential Codes (IRC, IBC, IPC, IMC & 2008 National Electric Code) that were adopted by the city of El Paso in 2011 and the county of El Paso in 2013.  Ace Inspectors has online access to all of these codes and five hard bound versions, three of which are always present for each New Home Inspection.
Although the Texas Real Estate Commission states within the mandated Inspection Report (REI 7-5, page 1, paragraph 3), “this is NOT a code compliance inspection”, ACE Inspectors will reference a code while inspecting the new houses if necessary to determine if the concern is a legitimate deficiency.
Secondly, not only did the codes change in recent years (Sept. 2016) affecting New Homes, but some the systems and appliances have also changed.  Take for instance, plastic water piping, tank-less water heaters, safety (childproofed) receptacles and outside faucets to just mention a few. Again, ACE Inspectors stays up to date with these new systems and appliances to insure the best inspection possible.
Lastly, the local homebuilders are also changing and evolving in the way they build the new homes.  Some will vent the water heater one way and others will vent the water heaters another way.  Some use a particular type of dryer vent cover while others will always install the HVAC system in the attic.  Ace Inspectors feels it important to stay current with the different local builders and know their ways of doing things to best accomplish a New Build Inspection.
To provide a truly Premium New Home Inspection, ACE Inspectors stays current with the new codes, the changing house systems/appliances and with the local homebuilders' different ways of building.
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New Outside Faucets New Water System Bank New Safety Outlet New AFCI Breakers
New Outside Faucets New Water System Bank New Safety Outlets New AFCI Breakers
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