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Committed: El Paso ACE Inspectors will spend 3 to 5 hours thoroughly inspecting your new home (varies by complexity and size of house)
Free Bonus Checks - Carbon Monoxide Checking: Water Heater and Furnace
Free Bonus Checks - Natural Gas Leak Checking: Gas Meter, Fireplace, Range/Oven, Water Heater and Furnace
Tutorial: You the customer will walk and participate in every step of the inspection, learning first hand all of the details of your new home. This walk through is a wonderful value added tutorial from a friendly professional inspector from Ace Inspectors.
Embedded Pictures & Graphics: To better clarify and identify features of the house and found concerns, detailed pictures (20 max.) and graphics will be embedded into the comprehensive report to add to your understanding.
Emailed Same Day: Although it takes hours to thoroughly inspect the house and the report takes hours to compile with pictures and graphics, you will be emailed the completed comprehensive report that same night by 10:00 pm.
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